Come to live a single, original and timeless experiment at the house of the Baillif, a monument registered with the historical heritage, located in center  of Montoire sur le loir town. This charming house  invites you to take the time to discover it and book its best bed rooms with the evocative names to you, the room of the Baillif, the room of the Host and the Busson room.

The entry of the property is in the Clémenceau place; after having passed under the porch , you arrive in a green interior court where a high tower dominates sheltering the entrance of the Home. You will not fail to admire the sculptures above the top of the door, representing the four cardinal virtues and also the Blazon of the Frédureau Family.  Inside wide and beautiful spiral staircase will carry you into the rooms located on the first floor.

The bed and breakfast is open of June 15th to the 1st october.

The room of the Baillif

The guest room

The Busson room


The breakfast: you take the breakfast in the beautiful dining room, served by the hostess who  offers you products of quality: Jams and the cakes are  home made , the Viennese pastries come from an excellent baker in the city.  During the service, the hostess, Mrs.Annie  Bourdinaud will have  pleasure in telling you the history of this house and if you wish it, will advise yourselves on the  possible touristic visits to make in the town of Montoire  and in the area; and will provide you any useful information for a pleasant stay.